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The Vampire Diaries: What Could Have Been

After graduation, Elena had made her choice: To be with Damon and leave everything in Mystic Falls behind her—including her feelings for Stefan. Deeply distraught, Stefan drinks himself into a depressed stupor and lives a life of what-might-have-beens. Later, an unknown supernatural entity offers him his own choice: Turn back the wheels of time and have another shot at being with Elena, or suffer with the daily reminder that she was no longer his. But there would be a catch...

Stefan makes his choice, but he has no idea the danger that's about to be wrought upon the unsuspecting residents of Mystic Falls. Due to the time reversal, the memories of their previous lives have been wiped and the town has assumed the name of Fell's Church. Though inexplicably drawn together, their altered destinies may cause dire ramifications throughout the world—even severing the threads of time itself.