Its king murdered in cold blood by friend and foe alike, the once magnificent kingdom of Arenhed has fallen to its knees. Without a proper heir to assume the throne, the nation concedes to the rule of a cruel and villainous tyrant.

When her village is attacked by the duke and his men, 16-year-old Hedy Odell's simple life is turned upside down. She loses all that is important to her: her best friend, her mother—everything. Unbeknownst to her, she is thrust in the midst of dangerous politics and into a world where everyone—and everything—is not what they seem.

Tormented by nightmares, Hedy must navigate both the treacherous landscape of the noble courts and the conflicted waters of her heart if she is to get her revenge. One misstep, and she may suffer a fate far worse than death…


Prince. Puppet. Assassin. Each of these is who Firan is—and isn't. With a conscience heavy with all that he's done, his hands are forever stained with blood. He opts to stay hidden in the shadows, away from those he's hurt the most—and yet, he finds himself inescapably drawn back into the country he'd nearly destroyed.

Will he seek redemption, or will he allow himself to drown in his own darkness?

REDEMPTION is a story based in the thrilling world of Talmassa told in Firan's perspective, which gives readers a glimpse into the heart and history of this mysterious character. Takes place after BIRTHRIGHT.


A year ago, she was a simple farmhand looking out for her family. Now, 17-year-old Hedy Odell has assumed her birthright as the queen of a torn nation.

Though she may have defeated a despotic madman, she must face her biggest challenge yet: forging an alliance with the most powerful family in Talmassa. Because in the Umbratrum Empire, laws are strict—and magic is forbidden. The penalty? Death.

Hedy must learn to control her power whilst successfully playing the precarious game of politics. But something sinister dwells within the Empire's borders—and it may be after more than just her head...


Deep inside the bowels of Palace Arenhed is a journal, tattered and forgotten. Of what remains is a look inside the mind of one of Talmassa's most despised figures: Derrick Vane, the man responsible for murdering the royal family and usurping the throne to use for his own ends.

Once, he was Nikolas, one of the country's most revered generals and close ally of the crown. But what the people had no knowledge of—the things that went on behind closed doors—were the very same things that would twist his ideals and lead him down the path of darkness.

He sought a world free of discrimination for those born into something they could not control. But all it took was a girl with similar circumstances to sway him of his cause—and think the world an enemy not worth saving...


Welcome to Eden, a man-made utopia where poverty and illness have been made relics of the past—until now...

Rori wakes up in a medical facility, with no memories of her past and what has recently transpired. But when she is attacked by a deranged monster intent on making her its next meal, she knows something has gone wrong—horribly wrong.

Banding together with a ragtag group of survivors, they must endure deadly trials, cannibalistic foes and crazy scientists whilst testing the limits of friendship and loyalty. But with the possibility of a traitor amongst them, loyalty can only be stretched so thin...


For Alana Ferro, small-town life would be unremarkable—if not for her overprotective aunt and outsider status. And being ousted by a queen bee with a vendetta doesn't exactly lend itself to an active social life, either. But Alana manages; she has her sewing, her designs, and most importantly—plans to enroll in a university far, far away from Ashland.

What isn't in her plans is becoming drawn into a deadly, unseen war that has been going on for centuries—as if high school isn't difficult enough! But when she crosses paths with a mysterious stranger during an altercation after school, she no longer has a choice. She must fight, for she is branded by the Mark, and because it is her destiny to help defend the stranger's realm.

Because if she doesn't, her world will be destroyed along with it...


Here is a collection of short stories, vignettes and other assorted bits of writing based on prompts, free for your perusal. :) Previously, these were patron-funded, but I have decided to release them for the public. Enjoy!

"When I tell you to run, run."

"There's a limit to how many times you can say you're sorry."

"The kiss was gentle, and it tasted of tears."

"Her bedroom door didn't have a lock, but her closet door did."

"Time flies, but she keeps breaking its wings."

"I wonder what he would have been like."

"I just don't want my whole life to be like this."

"You can't heal if you keep pulling off the scab."

"Promise me you won't forget."

"It's been years, and I still think I see him in the streets."

"If I hadn't died, where do you think we would be now?"